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Cricket Calculators

Cricket Calculators

Wanted to know about your batting/bowling performances in Numbers and Stats ? Here you will get the right cricket calculators/tools for all your performance related queries. By using these, you can improve rapidly and be a future Legendary Cricketer.

These tools are simple and easy to use :-

a) Cricket Average Calculator

b) Batting/Bowling Strike Rate Calculator

c) Bowling Economy Rate Calculator

d) Cricket Run Rate Calculator

Why need Cricket Calculators ?

As we all know, in today’s fast-moving world, it is very important to know about our performance so that we can analyse our game and rectify the mistakes. These calculators shows actually how did we perform in the matches and how much more efforts we have to make to improve our game. Therefore, we must use these calculators to track our progress and set new goals.

How to Improve by using them ?

a) You can check your batting or bowling average by using the ‘Cricket Average Calculator‘. Knowing your batting or bowling averages is very crucial as it directly reflects the current level of your game. It also shows your current form.

b) You can check your batting or bowling strike rate by using the ‘Batting/Bowling Strike Rate Calculator’. Batting strike rate shows your playing style, defensive or power hitter, as a batsman. On the other hand, Bowling strike rate shows the number of balls you need to get a wicket.

c) You can check your bowling economy by using the ‘Bowling Economy Rate Calculator’. It shows the average number of runs you have given per over.

d) You can check the team’s run rate by using the ‘Cricket Run Rate Calculator’. It shows the average number of runs scored by the batsmen per over.

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