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Cricket FAQs

Cricket FAQs

Most frequently asked questions related to cricket :-

It is believed that cricket is originated in the South-eastern countries of England around the year 1300 ! At first, it was played by village children as a children’s game.

The first laws of cricket were introduced and issued by London Club in the year 1744.

The first official cricket match took place in 1884 between Canada and USA.

The International Cricket Council (ICC), formerly known as Imperial Cricket Club, was formed in 1909.

A cricket match was first broadcasted :

On radio in 1927, On TV in 1946, On Coloured TV in 1968.

The Lord’s Cricket Ground in London, United Kingdom, is known as the Home of Cricket.

The Narendra Modi Stadium (formerly Motera Stadium) is currently the largest stadium in the world in terms of seating capacity (132,000 spectators). This is followed by the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Australia (100,024 spectators).

It is called so, because early in the 17th century, Cricket was originally played by rich aristocrats. And it was decided that they will play it in a gentlemen manner. They often used the phrase ‘gentlemen’s game’ to denote cricket. Therefore from there, cricket is also referred to as The Gentlemen’s Game.

There are 12 ways to get a batsman out. They are :-

Bowled, Caught, LBW, Hit-Wicket, Stumped Out, Run Out, Retired or Retired Hurt, Timed Out, Mankad Out, Hit the ball twice, Handling the ball and Obstructing the field.

The length of a cricket pitch is 20.12m long (22 yards). And the width of the pitch is 3.05m wide.

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