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Batting/Bowling equipments list

Batting/Bowling equipments list, Everything you need to know

Cricket is a very popular sport and it includes various accessories. So what all accessories that you will need to ...
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Types of outs

What Are The 12 Types of Outs ? All Types of Outs | Everything you need to know

Are you tired of searching " All Types of Outs " but didn't got the satisfactory answer yet ? Don't ...
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Cricket vs Baseball

Cricket vs Baseball | Which Sport is Better ? Everything you need to know.

In this article you will find a solution of an age old debate and a sports myth, which is Cricket ...
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Bowling gameplan

How to lead as a Bowler ? Bowling Gameplan, Everything you need to know.

Ever thought of how a bowler can control the game of cricket ? That's simple, they have a Bowling Gameplan ...
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How to get form back in cricket

How to Get Form Back in Cricket ? Everything you need to know

It is quite common for a batter, after an extended period of time away from the game, to struggle to ...
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Select a Cricket Bat

How to Select a Cricket Bat? Everything you need to know

It is always important to keep some points in mind before buying a new bat. But how to select a ...
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