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Football Sports Gears and Equipments | Things you need to have

This is a list of the must-have football sports gears to put in your bucket list and it is literally a 10 item maximum. So which items have actually made the cut and making their way for the bag, let’s find out.

Football Sports Gears – Necessities

a) Football Kit Bag – This is arguably the most important to put all your stuff you’re going to be putting in. You need a football bag ! It will be even better if it comes with different compartments so you can put what you want where you want.

b) Water Bottle – It is so essential and that’s our water bottle. You need to stay hydrated when you’re playing football in training or in matches. Like you don’t want to drink just water, you can get some energy drinks as well.

c) Towel – It is important for two reasons and that’s a towel. Firstly of course after playing football you need to have a shower so you need this there, but also at halftime if you’re really sweaty you can also wipe up your face.

d) Slides/Flip-flops – Talking about showers and also change rooms, you guys will going to need some kind of footwear to wear. And the best ones in my opinion are some slides or also some flip-flops just to stay very hygienic in the changing rooms.

e) Jackets – It is important for two reasons, firstly you might not be a star player simply so if you are on the bench for that game a warm up jacket is going to be very important to stay warm at the bench, ready for you to come on. And if you are starting the game you also need to stay warm.

f) Compression Pants – It is an absolute essential one for most players. They are absolutely great for circulation around the legs.

Protective Equipments

g) Shin Pads – It is absolutely vital as a player’s protection. It protects the leg bones from any hit and prevent injuries.

h) Shin Pad Sleeves/Tapes – Just talking about shin pads, but one of my own personal hate is when the shin pads move around in the socks and they actually didn’t start getting the way they’re actually mend for or they actually become uncomfortable. So you do need a way to keep them in place. There’s actually a few different ways.

The classic ones are shin pad sleeves – they are very effective as you put them over your legs and slide the shin pads in it. You can also use some tape as well which just goes around the leg and therefore the shin panic leaves!

Football Sports Gears – Must Have

i) Socks – Football is all about performance and that’s because we’re going to be talking about performance socks. Now you don’t need to wear those school socks as your Cubs are going to have their own socks. But if you go to the highest level or performance you could get yourself some ‘Trusox’ which are very rubbery and grippy inside the boots. But if you don’t like socks you can also go for Nike’s grip boots.

j) Team Kit/Jersey – Most of the times, the kit men and the club will supply you the kit/jersey, so you don’t necessarily have to take it. But if you do need to take it, make sure you do take the football socks, shorts and two t-shirts.

k) Football Boots – Football fans see that the market is full of very awesome boots at the moment so the trick is to find the pair that suits you as your primary pair of football boots. If you want more than one, my best advice here would be to find a pair that you like the look and of course the fit that suits your budget. But then also most importantly those that suits your playing surface.

So if you are playing mostly on AG pitches, buy an AG boot as your primary option. Of course if you play FG you can go and buy an FG boot and vice versa. To know more about FG, AG and SG Boots, Click here.

The Bonus Item – It is some spare shoelaces. These are important as if your shoelaces got broken during a play, you will always have a replacement.

Now you know the basic football sports gears that are required by every player irrespective of their playing positions. To know more about football, click on the following link :-

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