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How to make Badminton Strategies | 6 Golden Rules

How do we plan badminton strategies ? In this article, we’ll be talking about six rules for creating a badminton strategy.

What is a Strategy ?

First of all, a strategy is a plan of action to help you achieve a certain goal. A lot of players get caught up in this idea where they think strategy is like how to use certain techniques, but that is actually a combination. They’re not quite a strategy. A strategy is very dependent on the opponent, with whom you play against, because different players play differently. So, that means that your strategy is not the similar in different games but it’s highly dependent on who you play against.

Why You Should Plan Strategies in Badminton ?

When you have a strategy, you are actually sorted about what to do to keep the situation in your favour. There are two reasons why you should plan a strategy in badminton :

a) To score points

b) To not to lose points

Badminton Strategies – To Score Points

However, here are the Six Golden Rules that would be very helpful when you’re playing badminton. First moving into how to score points, following are the rules :

a) Strategies varies according to various players – Different players play differently. Therefore, you need to mirror your strategy on how to not lose points, to help you score points.

b) Attackers always have an advantage – The reason behind this is because attackers are always putting pressure on someone else. Whereas, the person defending is in suspense because the ball can come to him at a very high speed. When you’re attacking, the opponent is defensive and slow, you can prepare, you have a lot of time and there’s no pressure.

c) When you play against the opponent, you should attack the baseline at the backhand corner unless you’re playing a very high level of play. Most people are very weak at the baseline at the backhand corner, so that is a golden chance that you can utilise. So whenever you have the opportunity, hit right back to them to the baseline in the backhand because people turn very slowly or become uncomfortable.

Badminton Strategies – To Not to Lose Points

Now we move on to how to not lose points, following are the rules :

a) You need to be calm and comfortable before you serve or receive the shuttle. Because especially when you are competing or playing a very close game, you tend to be very nervous and anxious. So, before you have fully prepared, you just move, just to take it easy because you’re not comfortable with waiting. So, let it be comfortable, make the opponent wait. Take your time to serve, do couple of deep breaths.

b) Be Focused – Get yourself into a peak state of focus. When you get in a state of peak focus, that would tremendously improve the quality of your rallies and of course that makes you not lose point that easily. Different people have different peak state or focus, when you are in big focus, your opponent may not be in peak focus. They may have lost focus.

c) Reflect upon how the opponent scores – After a couple of minutes in the game, you will know about the areas/techniques where the opponents are scoring a lot of points. Like, for example, some players have very good cross drop shots from one angle.

How to Tackle Your Opponent ?

So, once you know that the opponent is scoring a lot of points from a particular technique, there are several ways to do something about it :

i) First is to Avoid – That means don’t hit the die corner if he’s very much showing that corner, that’s the most obvious one.

ii) The next one is to Prepare a Prepared Contingency – Like, maybe you adjust your footwork so that you’ll get prepared for sudden movements to take that shot.

iii) The third is to Find Ways to Counter – Finding different ways to counter a special attack of the opponent will definitely make you one step ahead in the game. Successfully countering a special attack would really affect the opponent’s confidence. It is a good way to really destroy your opponent’s mental confidence. But the thing is that your body really requires you to have a very good foundation before you can think of ways to counter your opponent’s strengths.

So if you’re unable to avoid, that’s the best way to tackle any situation and be in the game. So, just believe in yourself and follow these strategies, and you will see success coming to you real fast.

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