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How to lead as a Bowler ? Bowling Gameplan, Everything you need to know.

Ever thought of how a bowler can control the game of cricket ? That’s simple, they have a Bowling Gameplan. But what is a bowling gameplan ? This is something we feel that every bowler might need to go through before they go into a match or even in practice to help them improve and perform.

Realising the Type of Bowler

The most important thing to start off with is trying to identify what role do you play in your team or what type of bowler you are, runs constricting or wicket taking, whether you’re a spinner or pacer.

Talking about whether you see yourself as more of a wicket taking option, so a bit more aggressive, or more of a runs constricting bowler, where you keep the run rate down and built pressure for the opponent team. The problem in some teams is that, too many bowlers want to take wickets, or there are too many bowlers that constrict runs. And then when they work in tandem and it doesn’t work out too well.

Some guys need to build pressure and then other guys can take advantage. It can change from game to game depending on conditions.

Your Most Important Ball

The important thing to realize is that your most important delivery as a bowler is always going to be your stock delivery.

It’s a delivery that you feel best and most comfortable with and you can hit it eight or nine times out of ten. Work towards trying to bowl it there every single time that you release it.

Identifying Bowling Conditions

Bowling Conditions

It is important to be able to identify how the conditions are going to assist or hinder on what you are trying to accomplish. For instance on a fast bouncy pitch, your length will be slightly back of length, and have a lot of fielders behind the bat to catch the ball.

At the same time your entire field is going to move a little bit squarer to protect you from being hit through the gap. If you get a lower or slower deck, all of a sudden your catching fielders become a little bit more in front of the wicket, because players might play a bit early and pop it into the spaces in front.

So taking-in the pitch conditions and the overhead conditions is really important. Knowing where the ball is going to swing/spin, bounce/stay low, can all contribute towards the best game plan that you can have once you have decided what the conditions are going to help or hinder you with.

Accessing Batsman’s Qualities

You then try and workout what a batsman’s strengths and weaknesses are. As a bowler you’re always trying to get the batsman out, so most of the times, you’ll go after batsman’s weakness but sometimes you can work after a batsman’s strengths, because you know what he’s going to do in that situation.

If a guy likes to pull a lot (Thinking of Tim Paine in International cricket), he has been bounced out a lot by teams because he’s a little bit too aggressive on the pull shot and doesn’t always have full control of it and then it gets to the deep square fielder. Quite a lot of these wickets, in the last few test matches he played, were in the short ball which is a perceived strength of him.

Bowling Gameplan – Adjust Pitching Area

Once you have decided all of this, it’s important to know what adjustments in line and length you have to make to certain batsman and in certain conditions.

Restricting The Batsman

Work towards one channel and make a batsman play towards only three of the four quadrants on the field (divide the field in 4 parts). If you can control three quadrants with fielders and really force the batsman to go out of their comfort zone to play into the fourth quadrant. It will become so much easier to control where the ball is actually going to go in the field.

If the batsman hits you into a quadrant that you don’t have protected but you’ve bowled according to your game plan, it’s a really good shot. And a batsman is always allowed to play a good shot but at the same time he might make a mistake in trying to dominate you in a way to make you go more to his strength again. So you are on top of that battle.

Bowling Gameplan – Variations

Bowling Variations

It’s important to realize as well is that you don’t try and rush yourself into bowling a variation. Whether it be a change in length or a slower ball. It’s important that you earn the right to make the batsman have to force something you have worked hard over one plan. But at the same time if you have beaten the batsman four or five times out of six there’s no need to change anything. The batsman is already struggling, and you don’t need to change anything to give the batsman an opportunity to score from there.

Staying Calm

“The team that remains the calmest for the longest generally has the inside track on how a result in a game will go”. So, you can stay calm within your plan even if things aren’t going perfectly right, it will be fine. There is actually more time than you think you have. So, you have the time to regroup and get it going again. But if you lose your head early on, you’re never going to be able to readjust and get back into the game from there. Then you are just relying on the other team to make mistakes instead of backing your own skills to make things happen.

Bowling Gameplan – Key Points

Bowling gameplan - key points

Force batsman to make efforts to score runs. Don’t give them easy runs. And don’t be scared to vary some things to try and change the game, but at the same time, still work it within your gameplan. Because if you can force a batsman to hit into certain areas for long periods of time, you can control the game.

In Conclusion, we feel that it is important to back your stock delivery early. Shane Warne once said that, at the start of his spell in his first over, he’d use that over to try and find what pace and what flight would work best on the pitch. Obviously, he is a leg spinner, but as a pacer also you can do the same. It is important to realize that each batsman will have a different skill set and will hit you in different areas. So it’s important to try and assess where they are going to try and attack you, and similarly, defend you, and then work from there. So try to work out his strengths and weaknesses.

Last thing is just stay calm. Stay as calm as you can and keep working towards your bowling gameplan. If it fails it fails. It’s the only way we are going to learn. So, apply these tips in every single practice that you have, because as soon as it becomes comfortable there in practice, it would be comfortable in a match also.

Now you know what a bowling gameplan is and how to make it. So please comment below if you like this article. To know more about cricket, click on the following link :-




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