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What is the Purpose of Life ? What Life Means to You?

If there is any biggest truth, it is death, everyone has to say goodbye to this world one day. This shows how precious life is. That’s why there must be a goal, purpose in life. So that after the passage of time there is no regret. Because one of the best things about time is that ‘whatever time it is, it does not stop, it does not get cut.’ Therefore, always live life in such a way that even after death, its result will be good. So let’s know what are the important things to take care of in life…

Have you ever thought that it seems that we have unknowingly appeared in this world and got colored in it due to various reasons. We start liking this world so much that we want to maintain life in every possible way, since when we learn to use the senses, then we start believing this body and the five senses – eyes, nose, ears, Starts searching for pleasure through tongue and skin. But there are others in life beyond this.

When God sends us in the world, he sends us for our examination. This is a dream world where we have come to spend a few moments. The day your eyes are closed, you will reach your reality in the world. And there will begin the account of the exploits done in this world of ours. Anyone who earns money and wealth in this world cannot be taken there. Whatever will be taken away are our Karmas, how much we remembered God by coming into the world, how many good deeds we did, which help the needy. How many are saved from lies, greed, redundant. And after all these are accounted for, we will be sent to one of the two paths. And those two roads will be heaven and hell.

1) Don’t forget God

When people come to the world and after a few days, they become so engrossed in the work of the world that there is no time to even take the name of God. If only something remains, then they are, wealth, wealth, women, prestige and fame, they spend their life getting all this. And when the time comes for the end of life, then they remember God. But God also likes only those people who have remembered him during his youth, have remembered him at the time of happiness. Often people have the habit of remembering God when there is trouble, when there is a time of sorrow. But these are not good things. Gives us any debt or favors in the world, remembers him day and night. But how can we forget those who have given us such a precious life. This is the biggest favor. So don’t forget God. Worship-recitation, namaz-roza, kept on doing. Otherwise, there will be remorse in the world as well as remorse even after death.

2) Distant yourself from bad habits

One of our worst habits is that in order to complete our work, we start working like lies, deceit, nonsense, fighting with each other. But we forget that we will definitely get the punishment for the work we are doing. We think that no one is seeing our bad habits right now, but we forget that God is seeing all these things. And these things are not happening in the diary of our life. When life will end and this diary is opened, then all these things will come to the fore, and at that time we will have no answer. We should always remember that life is very short, with lies, deceit and deceit, we will live a good life now, but we will get the punishment for the people who have suffered because of us, when life will end. . So leave these habits and live a positive life, and teach others also.

3) Avoid being diverted by people

There are both good and bad people in the world. It is up to you to choose the best people out of them. There are people in the world who will push you deep into the pit. Will make you do every bad thing, only for his own benefit. And will also lure you that you will benefit. Sometimes in the name of religion, sometimes in the name of status, but all these are just a trick. Avoid all these things. There are many ways to earn merit in the world.

4) Always be ready to help

You must have ever noticed that you are in a lot of trouble and at that time some unknown person helped you and got you out of trouble. At that time you feel very happy that you think that that man helped. But God has sent that man to help you. This is what happens when you help someone without hesitation in the first place without expecting anything from that person. Meaning that you should always be ready to help the needy, irrespective of caste, religion. If you do this, then when you will be in some trouble, where there is no one to help you, then God will come to your help in some way or the other. With help, you will get so much merit that there is no account of it.

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